We Can Help You Like No One Else Can

As International New Gym Specialists with fitness equipment industry roots dating back to 1986, BAMPSCO International Inc. specializes only in helping people to open their new gyms by using our decades of experience and deep industry connections to create and supply State-of-the-Art Gym Equipment Packages at significantly reduced Discounted Package Pricing.

Working with BAMPSCO International Inc. allows you to take advantage of decades of experience in helping people in various parts of the world, the absolute best gym equipment, fantastic Discounted Package Pricing, free consulting services even after your gym is up and running and much more. 

We work very closely with the people whom we help, being always available to reach and extremely fast in responding to your calls and your needs.

Simply put, BAMPSCO International Inc. is committed like no other company to helping you to have a successful, premier gym.

Impact Fitness TH and PT Series Equipment – The Highest Quality Premier Gym Equipment

Our Impact Fitness Equipment TH and PT Series are the premier equipment lines available today for those facilities that require the absolute best equipment for their members, featuring many innovative design elements that add to its special quality.

BAMPSCO International Inc. is the provider of these high end equipment lines in the United States, Africa and several other countries throughout the world, and we only use this line for select individuals and locations so that they have something unique and modern to offer their members.

The first impression that a prospective member gets when they enter your facility for the first time often determines whether or not they sign up as a member.  The modern looks and functions expressed in our Impact Fitness TH and PT Series tells prospective members that they have entered a State-of-the-Art serious training facility that’s different than the every other run of the mill gym.

Our Impact Fitness Equipment TH and PT Series meet the International Quality Management Standards for granting ISO9000 certification.


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