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We Have The World’s #1 New Gym Specialist

In order to provide you with the Absolute Best Gym Equipment Package, advice learned from decades of experience, and the utmost in personal attention, newgymsetup.com has teamed up with Bill at BAMPSCO, the World’s #1 New Gym Specialist.

Bill has been helping people all over the world since 1986.    

 With the founding principle of developing and maintaining long term relationships with the people whom he helps, Bill works closely with people on an individual basis.  He puts his industry connections developed over decades to work for you, creating Custom Gym Equipment Packages with State-of-the-Art Equipment and then offering them at Deep Discounted Package Pricing.  This allows you to offer the best, new, modern equipment for your gym members while staying within your budget.

For those who take advantage of this opportunity and get a Discounted Equipment Package, Bill also offers guidance throughout the process of opening your new gym and even assists you with various sources for funding – all at NO Additional Cost to You

What’s more, Bill is there to help you whenever you need him – even after your gym is up and running.  He is easily reached and quick to respond to any questions that you may have.  You can read Testimonials from new gym owners about how it is to work with Bill at BAMPSCO right on this website.  

It's essential to start your business on the right footing.  Now you have the opportunity of working with Bill at BAMPSCO, the #1 New Gym Specialist.




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NewGymSetup.com is proud to offer the opportunity to work with Bill at BAMPSCO to help ensure that you receive the right Equipment Package at the right Discounted Price to fit your specific needs