Apartment Fitness Center

Ideal for apartments, hotels and other multi-housing facilities that want to provide an extra benefit for their residents this Package gives enough full commercial gym quality equipment for a complete workout session while taking up little space and remaining easy on your budget

This package includes the following products:

  • 2 Impact Fitness K5 Full Commercial Treadmills
  • 1 Impact Fitness HMC5008 Full Commercial Indoor Cycle
  • 1 Impact Fitness R007G Commercial Recumbent Bike
  • 1 Impact Fitness LW-9017 Commercial Air Rower
  • 1 Impact Fitness FIT2000 2 Stack / 2 Station Multi Gym
  • 1 Impact Fitness PT6677B Leg Raise / Dip
  • 1 Impact Fitness TH9972 45 Degree Hyper Extension
  • 1 Impact Fitness TH9952 Adjustable Decline Sit-Up Bench
  • 1 Impact Fitness TH9953 Adjustable Bench
  • 1 Impact Fitness TH9943M 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • 1 Set HEX550 Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Set
  • 1 Pair Each of 5 lbs. through 50 lbs in 5 lb. increments

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